Arion recouvrement est une entreprise algérienne spécialisée dans le recouvrement amiable et juridique des impayés et dans la gestion des créances,

Amicable (Out-of-court) Debt Collection

The weakness of companies frequently includes the lack of know-how as regards customer reminders. This important task is often neglected and addressed late, which increases the risk of unpaid bills and customer insolvency.

The more the claim is recent, the greater are your chances of recovering it.

In the field of ​​debt collection, waiting means taking the risk of losing the customer and the debt.

Indeed, acting late will accustom your clients and partners to always put you in last priority for payment, and successive incidents are the main cause of a premature recourse to litigation, which will jeopardize your business relations. In addition, dormant debts increase the risk of debtor insolvency and disappearance, which will reduce the chance of recovering receivables.

Benefit from the professional expertise of a specialist debt collection partner

Our goal is to recover your outstanding receivables, while preserving your client portfolio, hence friendly negotiation is a priority above all.

Its purpose is to establish through the actions of reminders (telephone, mail, visit … .etc), a contact with your debtor customer which will identify the real brakes of payment and the profile of the latter.

These two elements will allow to determine as soon as possible the possibility of setting up a quick amicable solution (schedule, solution of conciliation … etc), if necessary, a quick decision making for the launching of the pre-litigation.

Thanks to our know-how and our customizable tools tailored for clients, we guarantee you an efficient treatment with a total transparency on the actions undertaken and their results, via our reporting.


  • Customized debt collection process;
  • Professional management of reminders;
  • Identification and management of disputes;
  • Preserved business relationship;
  • Available liquidity.