Arion recouvrement est une entreprise algérienne spécialisée dans le recouvrement amiable et juridique des impayés et dans la gestion des créances,



This is the execution of court decisions on movable or immovable property identified.

ARION RECOUVREMENT will take charge of all the actions relating to the execution in collaboration with the intermediaries of justice (bailiffs, experts, official appraisers … etc.), whatever the procedure of execution (garnishment attachment of movable property, earnings, real estate… etc.).

ARION RECOUVREMENT will take charge of:

  • Enrollment of orders (sequester, court costs … etc.);
  • Establishment of legal costs (incurred and generated);
  • Follow up of notification deadlines;
  • Follow-up of hearings (attribution, conciliation, auction … etc);
  • Management of execution difficulties.