Arion recouvrement est une entreprise algérienne spécialisée dans le recouvrement amiable et juridique des impayés et dans la gestion des créances,


What sets us apart is not just what we do, but also how we do it.

Our efficiency and implication

We are a passionate and involved team that coordinates its efforts to resolve issues entrusted through:

  • A preliminary study of the files and the creditworthiness of the debtors
  • A determined launch of the procedures, based on an efficient study of the files entrusted
  • Choice of strategy and process of internal recovery and customized field, organized and adapted according to the profile of the debtor
  • Ability to provide a complete personalized service ranging from security and management of receivables, through amicable recovery and litigation, to finding assets and executing decisions.

Our Presence and Availability

  • We are at your disposal; we understand your need and offer you a customized recovery service
  • We support you throughout the process of recovery of your receivables, we inform you about developments, and we collaborate with you, assist you, guide you, and take the time to explain the procedures and strategies chosen.
  • We remain present, at any time, to answer your concerns, your questions about a procedure or a chosen strategy, and also allow you visibility on the files

Our Expertise and Know How

With more than 07 years of experience in the field of the amiable and judicial debts recovery in Algeria, we became an expert of the trade with a perfect control of:

  • Techniques of recovery and negotiation with debtors, according to their profiles.
  • Judicial techniques and procedures in Algeria, depending on the nature of the claim.
  • Procedures for enforcement of court decisions, on movable and immovable property in Algeria, depending on the type of debtor (administration, natural or legal person).

To which is added a continuous search as regards:

  • Methods of search of movable and immovable property of debtors.
  • Procedures relating to files requiring legal technicality.